• How to Place an Order

    We have received some questions as to how to place an order since there is no order form. If you are interested in ordering some of our products please email us (richard@westshorefabricating.com, katy@westshorefabricating.com, or arrautmotorsports@gmail.com) or call us at (616) 893-1433 to place the order. Thank you.

Our Mission Statement…

With the purchase of HT/Held Motorsports we look forward to supplying all of their former customers and our new customers with specific needs.  We will maintain the quality standards to which the customers are accustomed to in a timely and friendly manner.  We will continue to explore other marketing opportunities.

Our mission is to provide auto enthusiasts with suspension and brake upgrade kits.  We will work with individuals and/or auto clubs to supply special project needs with custom products at a reasonable rate and top-notch quality!  When auto clubs order larger quantities or as groups we are willing to work with the club on a special discount rate.

Feel free to contact us with your special needs.

We look forward to expanding our services!



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